Special Airworthiness Certification

General Information

Special Airworthiness Certification is performed for aircraft certificated in categories other than "standard." The certificate used is the special airworthiness certificate FAA Form 8130-7 .

The FAA Form 8130-6 is used to make application for or amendment to a special airworthiness certificate. This includes changes to operating limitations that may have been prescribed. A program letter may also be necessary depending on the type of certification. The regulatory requirements for this type of certification can be found in FAR Part 21, Subpart H and Subpart L

Certification Procedures

Following is a list of items that apply to all categories of special airworthiness certification:

1. The aircraft must be registered in accordance with FAR Part 47 ;

2. The aircraft must be properly marked in accordance with FAR Part 45 ;

3. The applicant must submit a completed FAA Form 8130-6 and any other documents that might be required for a specific category. (See links below);

4. The aircraft records must include summary information and documents that prove the required maintenance and inspections have been accomplished;

5. There must be a current weight and balance report and equipment list available;

6. The aircraft must have been flight tested, if required;

7. All applicable Airworthiness Directives must have been accomplished and properly documented;

8. The aircraft flight manual must be up to date and the aircraft maintenance manuals must be available; and

9. The aircraft must be made available for the FAA or FAA Designee to inspect.

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