FAA Aircraft Certification Procedures

What type of certification do you need?

The list below includes the types of aircraft certifications that can be performed. Click on each link and be guided through that specific certification process.

If you don't know what certification you need, or are just researching the topic please read the summary information below each link to help guide you.

Standard Airworthiness Certification A standard airworthiness certificate is issued for most aircraft and is classified by category of operation (i.e., normal, utility, acrobatic, commuter, transport category, or manned free balloons).

Export Aiworthiness Certification There are two types of export approvals. An Export Certificate of Airworthiness, FAA Form 8130-4, is issued for aircraft, and an Export Airworthiness Approval, FAA Form 8130-3, is issued for engines, propellers, and other aviation articles.

Special Airworthiness Certification There are special category classifications which require special airworthiness certificates. Those categories are Restricted, Multiple, Limited, Primary, Light-Sport, Experimental and Provisional.

Special Flight Permits and Authorizations A permit or authorization to fly an aircraft may be issued for an aircraft that does not currently meet the applicable airworthiness requirements, but is capable of safe flight.

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