Limited Airworthiness Certification

Limited airworthiness certification is governed by FAR 21.189 .


An applicant requesting issuance of an airworthiness certificate in the “limited” category must show that the aircraft previously has been issued a limited category type certificate (TC) and that the aircraft conforms to that TC.

In order to be issued an airworthiness certificate in the limited category, the following determinations must be made:

- The aircraft is one of the type and models that have been issued a limited TC and the aircraft conforms to the requirements set forth in the pertinent limited category aircraft specification.

- The aircraft has been flight tested. The aircraft must be issued an experimental certificate for this purpose. The findings from the flight test must be entered in the aircraft logbook and signed by the pilot who made the flights.

- If a surplus military aircraft, it should have had a thorough inspection to determine its state of preservation and repair and ensure that it is in a condition for safe operation. The inspection should be performed by an appropriately rated repair station or mechanic, in accordance with the requirements of part 43. The applicant must provide all available documentation, such as technical orders and military inspection records, to support the findings of airworthiness.

Operating Limitations

All limited category civil aircraft must be operated in compliance with the limitations prescribed in FAR 91.315 . However, the FAA may prescribe additional limitations as necessary for safe operation. The additional operating limitations will be outlined on a separate sheet and issued with Form 8130-7 .

Display of Marks

The applicant should ensure that the word "LIMITED" is displayed on the aircraft in accordance with FAR 45.23(b) .

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