FAR Part 45 - Identification and Registration Marking

Subpart A - General

45.1 - Applicability

Subpart B - Identification of Aircraft and Related Products

45,11 - General
45.13 - Identification data
45.14 - Identification of critical components
45.15 - Replacement and modification parts
45.16 - Marking of life-limited parts

Subpart C - Nationality and Registration Marks

45.21 - General
45.22 - Exhibition, antique, and other aircraft: Special rules
45.23 - Display of marks; general
45.25 - Location of marks on fixed-wing aircraft
45.27 - Location of marks; nonfixed-wing aircraft
45.29 - Size of marks
45.31 - Marking of export aircraft
45.33 - Sale of aircraft; removal of marks

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