FAA Advisory Circulars

faa advisory circulars

The following FAA Advisory Circulars are related to aircraft certification. As the name implies, they are advisory in nature and are published by the FAA to help persons comply with certain regulatory requirements. We have included them on our website as a matter of convenience.

You can download a copy of these Advisory Circulars simply by clicking on the text and selecting a location to save the file.

FAA Advisory Circulars (AC)

AC 20-27G - Certification and Operation of Amateur Built Aircraft

AC 20-62E - Eligibility, Quality, and Identification of Aeronautical Replacement Parts

AC 20-65A - U.S. Airworthiness Certificates and Authorizations for Operation of Domestic and Foreign AIrcraft

AC 21-2K - Export Airworthiness Approvals Procedures

AC 21-4B - Special Flight Permits for Operation of Overweight Aircraft

AC 21-12B - Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6

AC 21-13 - Standard Airworthiness Certification of Surplus Military Aircraft and Aircraft Built from Spare and Surplus Parts

AC 21-18 - Bilateral AIrworthiness Agreements

AC 21-23 - Airworthiness Certification of Civil Aircraft, Engines, Propellers, and Related Products Imported to the United States

AC 21-28 - Airworthiness Certification of U.S. Produced Aircraft and Engine Kits Assembled Outside the United States

AC 21-35 - Computer Generated / Stored Records

AC 21-37 - Primary Category Aircraft

AC 23-24 - Airworthiness Compliance Checklists for Common FAR Part 23 Supplemental Type Certification (STC) Projects

AC 39-7C - Airworthiness Directives

AC 43-9C - Maintenance Records

AC 43-9-1F - Instructions for Completion of Form 337

AC 65-23A - Certification of Repairmen (Experimental AIrcraft Builders)

AC 90-89A - Amateur Built Aircraft and Ultralight Test Flight Handbook

AC 120-77 - Maintenance and Alteration Data

AC 120-84 - Aging Aircraft Inspections and Records Reviews

AC 120-27E - Aircraft Weight and Balance Control

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