Manufacture of Parts

by Stuart

Can you advise whether it is normal for a manufacturing Production Certificate procedure to be used for the making of simple metal parts for alterations i.e., milling of seat track and manufacturer of an intercostal between frames to support a galley or can it be done by a maintenance mechanic as you would do to make a metal repair part IAW an approved mod from a DER?

ANSWER: Yes, it is normal to use the manufacturers data to produce replacements parts. Refer to FAA Advisory Circular AC 43-18 for guidance on this subject.

There are three factors to consider when manufacturing a replacement part for an aircraft:

- The part must be properly designed. A properly designed part would include drawings, specifications, dimensions, production processes, etc.

- The part must be produced to conform to that design A part that conforms to its design will comply with its structural requirements, material specifications, and drawings.

- The production of that part should be properly documented. A properly documented part provides written evidence that the part was produced to it’s design standard and is approved by the FAA.

Keep in mind that an FAR 145 repair station can only manufacture a replacement part for an article if that part is consumed as part of the repair of that article, and only if the repair station has the proper ratings for the work being performed.

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