Aircraft Alteration Questions

Review the previously answered aircraft alteration questions below. If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) there, then please feel free to submit your question(s) using the form below.

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Please remember that this is not legal advice. It is general information about the aircraft certification process. If you need legal advice, you should contact an aviation attorney.

Questions That Others Have Asked

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Address for FAA Form 337's 
What address do I mail the FAA Form 337 for a newly installed supplemental type certificate (STC)? ANSWER: Completed forms should be submitted to …

Radio Installation 
Would an installation of navigation equipment that requires the modification of the instrument panel be consider an alteration? ANSWER: Yes, it …

FAA Form 337 Validity 
An aircraft had several STC's installed by US repair stations and 337 forms completed while it was foreign registered (in Mexico). It was then imported …

Manufacture of Parts  
Can you advise whether it is normal for a manufacturing Production Certificate procedure to be used for the making of simple metal parts for alterations …

Aircraft Alterations 
What is an aircraft alteration, and who can perform the alteration? ANSWER: An aircraft alteration is usually done to improve upon a current aircraft …

Certification of Onboard Computer Equipment 
What certification, if any, would be required by the FAA for the installation of computer equipment like servers and storage systems in aircraft (specifically, …

Encoding Altimeter Use. 
Can an Encoding Altimeter be installed as the primary Altimeter (Pilot's) if the Encoder portion of it has been disabled or has not been wired to the …

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