FAR Part 91 - General Operating and Flight Rules

Subpart A - General

91.7 - Civil aircraft airworthiness
91.9 - Civil aircraft flight manual, marking and placards

Subpart C - Equipment, Instrument, and Certificate Requirements

91.203 - Civil aircraft: Certifications required
91.205 - Powered civil aircraft with standard category U.S. airworthiness certificates: Instruments and equipment requirements
91.207 - Emergency locator transmitters
91.209 - Aircraft lights
91.211 - Supplemental oxygen
91.213 - Inoperative instruments and equipment
91.215 - ATC transponder and altitude reporting equipment and use
91.217 - Data correspondence between automatically reported pressure altitude data and the pilot's altitude reference
91.219 - Altitude alerting system or device: Turbojet-powered civil airplanes
91.221 - Traffic alert and collision avoidance system equipment and use
91.223 - Terrain awareness and warning system

Subpart D - Special Flight Operations

91.313 - Restricted category civil aircraft: Operation limitations
91.315 - Limited category civil aircraft: Operating Limitations
91.317 - Provisionally certificated civil aircraft: Operating limitations
91.319 - Aircraft having experimental certificates: Operating limitations
91.325 - Primary category aircraft: Operating limitations

Subpart E - Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Alterations

91.401 - Applicability
91.403 - General
91.405 - Maintenance required
91.407 - Operation after maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration
91.409 - Inspections
91.411 - Altimeter system and altitude reporting equipment tests and inspections
91.413 - ATC transponder tests and inspections
91.415 - Changes to aircraft inspection programs
91.417 - Maintenance records
91.419 - Transfer of maintenance records
91.421 - Rebuilt engine maintenance records

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