Various Inspection Program Questions

by Santosh Deokar
(Mumbai (India))

1) What does MPD mean?

ANSWER: Maintenance Planning Document.

2) Who issues an MPD?

ANSWER: The manufacturer of the aircraft.

3) How many types of checks are there for an aircraft?

ANSWER: It depends on the size and complexity of the aircraft. There are routine checks and special checks or inspections. The required intervals are based on calendar, hour or cycle intervals and are published in the MPD.

4) What does C of A mean?

ANSWER: Certificate of Airworthiness

5) What does C of R mean?

ANSWER: Certificate of Registration

6) What is a logbook used for and what types of color coding is in the logbbook?

ANSWER: A logbook can be used to document aircraft or engine maintenance, inspections or alterations. The records of maintenance, inspections or alterations can be documented in a variety of formats including digital.

7) What is a service bulletin (SB) and who issues them?

ANSWER: It is a bulletin to operators from a manufacturer notifying them of a product improvement. There are mandatory and non-mandatory service bulletins. If the accomplishment of the bulletin is referenced in an airworthiness directive as a method of compliance, it becomes mandatory. If a bulletin’s accomplishment is referred to in the manufactuers maintenance manual or instructions for continued airworthiness, it becomes mandatory.

8) What is an airworthiness directive (AD) and who issues them?

ANSWER: You can find the answer in FAR 39.3 – They are legally enforceable rules that apply to the following products: aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, and appliances. They are issued by the FAA.

9) What does MSG mean?

ANSWER: Maintenance Steering Group. When an aircraft is being designed and built, a group is formed to address the what, how and when of maintenanace and inspections for the aircraft. This group is comprised of the manufacturer, the FAA and other industry personnel. The MSG presents their results to another group called the industry steering committee (ISC). The ISC will generate a report to be reviewed by the maintenance review board (MRB). The manufacturer will develop the MPD based on the MRB’s recommendations.

10) Which documents are required when redelivering an aircraft back to the Lessor?

ANSWER: It depends on what the lease agreement requires. You can find a generic list of records required by visiting the aircraft records section of this website.

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