Validity of an Export C of A

How long is an Export C of A valid for?

ANSWER: There is no expiration date. The Export C of A becomes part of the aircraft records and indicates that on the date of issuance the aircraft was inspected by the FAA, found to comply with the applicable requirements, and was determined to be airworthy.

It is important to note that once the Export C of A has been issued, the exporter has certain responsibilities under FAR 21.335. They must -

Forward to the importing country/jurisdiction all documents and information specified by that country/jurisdiction.

Preserve and package products and articles as necessary to protect them against corrosion and damage during transit or storage and state the duration of effectiveness of such preservation and packaging.

Remove, or cause to be removed, any temporary installation incorporated on an aircraft for the purpose of export delivery and restore the aircraft to the approved configuration upon
completion of the delivery flight.

Secure all proper foreign entry clearances from all of the countries/jurisdictions involved when conducting sales demonstration or delivery flights.

Once the title to an aircraft passes or has passed to a foreign purchaser) they should:

(1) Request cancellation of the U.S. registration and airworthiness certificates from the FAA, giving the date of the transfer of title and the name and address of the new owner.

(2) Return the registration and airworthiness certificates, Aeronautical Center Form 8050-3 and FAA Form 8100-2, to AFS-750.

(3) Submit a statement to the address below certifying that the U.S. identification and
registration numbers have been removed from the aircraft in compliance with 14 CFR § 45.33.

Federal Aviation Administration
Aircraft Registration Branch, AFS-750
P.O. Box 25504
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0504

Although not specifically described in the regulations, when exporting an unassembled aircraft, the exporter should forward the manufacturer’s assembly instructions and an FAA-approved flight test checkoff form to the CAA of the importing country/jurisdiction.

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