Use of Non-Aeronautical Parts

by Bira Zanatta
(Summerside, PEI, Canada)

Can a part that was used in a non-aeronautical engine be inspected and used in an aeronautical engine? For example, a part for a Pratt & Whitney ST6 and a PT6 engine both have the same parts (p/n's). If a part was removed from the ST6 engine, can this part be inspected and re-used in a PT6 engine?

ANSWER: I would have to say definitely not. If I am not mistaken, the two engines are manufactured at different facilities. I know their applications are much different, and I would suspect that they are also built to a different standard.

The fact that you said the part numbers are the same gives me an uneasy feeling. I would think there would be a prefix number or a dash number that would differentiate between the industrial power version and the aviation version. If not, I am sure the FAA would be interested in knowing that.

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