US Registered Aircraft Relocated to China

by Eric

A corporate aircraft currently registered and located in the US is being relocated to China. Will it be required to have a Chinese registration?

ANSWER: It can be operated under the U.S. registery for a period of time in China. However, if the aircraft will be operated in China for an extended period of time, you may be required to change to Chinese registry.

If so can FAA certified Pilots fly this aircraft, and can FAA certified AP/IA technician perform maintenance on this aircraft?

ANSWER: Yes. In fact, only FAA certifcated pilots and maintenance personnel can fly and maintain the aircraft while under the U.S. registry. Even in a foreign country. Pilots may require an endorsement to operate a corporate aircraft in China.

If not what needs to be done in order for them to fly and maintain this aircraft in China?

ANSWER: If the aircraft is not used for compensation or hire, there is no special FAA certification required to operate the aircraft outside the U.S. If the aircraft will be used for hire, then you will need to apply for an FAR 129 authorization.

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