Time Since New and Cycles Since New Recording for Life Limited Parts

by Steve Harrison
(Toronto, Canada)

Is there a requirement for TSN and CSN data to be entered onto the FAA Form 8130-3 for a life limited part, when the part has been modified and reinstalled onto the same aircraft, and the aircaft did not fly during the period the part was modified?

ANSWER: You are not required to record that information if the conditions of FAR 43.10(b) are met:

FAR 43.10 (b) When a life-limited part is temporarily removed and reinstalled for the purpose of performing maintenance, no disposition under paragraph (c) of this section is required if—

(1) The life status (TSN and CSN) of the part has not changed;

(2) The removal and reinstallation is performed on the same serial numbered product; and

(3) That product does not accumulate time in service while the part is removed.

Note: FAR 43.10 can be found in the FAA Regulations section of this website.

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