Submiting an FAA Form 337

by Robert Kilmer
(Valentine, NE)

What is the address to send 337's in Oklahoma City?

ANSWER: In answering your question, I would first like to start with a brief background of the FAA Form 337 submission process. Prior to 2006, you were required (by FAR 43, Appendix B) to send the completed Form 337’s to your local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) for review. The FSDO inspectors would review the document for proper completion prior to sending it to the FAA in Oklahoma City.

Then the FAA published a couple of notices informing everyone that they were now required to send the form directly to the FAA in Oklahoma City. The regulation was revised in 2007 to reflect this.

By publishing more detailed guidance material on how to fill out the form, they felt the review process would no longer be necessary. In addition, FAR 43.9(d) places the responsibility for proper submission on the person performing the work.

However, it is even more important now that you make sure the document is filled out completely and accurately, because no one at the FAA in Oklahoma City is reviewing the data prior to scanning it into the system.

In 2006, the FAA also introduced the option of filling out and sending the Form 337 in electronically.

So, having said all that, you now have two options for submitting the form. You can send the form in electronically by registering and using their online system at:

or sending the paper form to the following address:

Aircraft Registration Branch, AFS-750
P.O. Box 25504
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73125.

You can download a copy of AC 43.9-1F - Instructions for Completion of Form 337 by clicking here. This document is also available for download in the "Advisory Circular" section of this website.

Note: You are still required to submit the form within 48 hours from the release to service date on the form, regardless of which format your choose.

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