STC Number Format

by Norman
(Ontario, Canada)

STC’s start with ST, SA etc. and some end with a -D. What does the format of the STC numbering system mean with the different letters/numbers and where can this information be found?

ANSWER: Supplemental Type Certificate Numbering System is as follows:

Certificate Number = SX NNNNN YY-D

S indicates a supplemental type certificate (blank if a type certificate)

X = An alpha digit to identify the type of product that it is:

A = Small Airplane
B = Balloon
E = Engine
G = Glider
P = Propeller
R = Rotorcraft
S = Airship
T = Transport Airplane

NNNNN = assigned number automatically generated by ACOS; for example, 00146.

YY = Two alpha digits to identify the issuing Aircraft Certification Office (ACO)

AC = ASW-150, Ft. Worth Airplane Certification Office
AK = ACE-115N, Anchorage Aircraft Certification Office
AT = ACE-115A, Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office
AT = ACE-115A, Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office
BO = ANE-150, Boston Aircraft Certification Office
CH = ACE-115C, Chicago Aircraft Certification Office
DE = ANM-100D, Denver Aircraft Certification Office
EN = ANE-140, Engine Certification Office, Boston
LA = ANM-100L, Los Angeles Aircraft Certification Office
MC = ACE-100M, Military Certification Office
NY = ANE-170, New York Aircraft Certification Office
RC = ASW-170, Ft. Worth Rotorcraft Certification Office
SE = ANM-100S, Seattle Aircraft Certification Office
SC = ASW-190, Ft. Worth Special Certification Office
WI = ACE-115W, Wichita Aircraft Certification Office

D = indicates Designated Alteration Station (DAS) issued STC (blank if not DAS issued)

As an example, SA00125AT would be an STC issued by the Atlanta ACO on a small airplane with the assigned number 00125.

You can find this information in FAA Order 8110-4C

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