"Static" Aircraft Registration

by Lidna Bailey
(McClellan CA USA)

The Aerospace Museum of California is the owner of several planes that have been donated to the museum and are now in "static" condition and unflyable.

Since these planes have become part of the archive collection, they will not be restored to flyable condition, sold or traded.

Please advise how we go about taking these planes off the FAA registry?

ANSWER: You can contact the FAA Registration Branch in Oklahoma City by one of the following means. Let them know the make, model, and serial number of the aircraft and explanation you provided above.

Aircraft Registration Information and Assistance

Toll Free Long Distance (866) 762-9434

There hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Central Time


(405) 954-3548
(405) 954-8068

By Mail

For U.S. Postal Service, Regular and Priority Mail:

FAA Aircraft Registration Branch, AFS-750
P.O. Box 25504
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0504

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