Standard C of A For A Kit Plane

by Mark O

In order for me to be able to get this specific plane I need a Standard C of A not an experimental. The plane is manufactured as a kit in Texas then shipped world wide and homebuilt.

If I were to have the plane built fully in its factory, how would I go about getting it certified and what would be the cost?

The kit has been sold a number of times and is solid and safe.

ANSWER: The aircraft you are referring to would not qualify for a standard airworthiness certificate. As outlined in FAR 21.183, only newly built aircraft produced under a production certificate (PC) or type certificate (TC) would qualify.

The design would also have to meet the standards of FAR Part 23. Unfortunately, I don't think a kit plane manufacturer would be willing to redesign the plane and spend the money necessary to obtain a PC of TC.

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