Soft Time, Hard Time, and OC CM Components

by Joe

What is the definition of the term Soft Time? What is the difference between Hard Time and On Condition or Condition Monitoring (OCCM)?

ANSWER: A soft time interval is one that is chosen by an operator to be done at a specific interval but may be adjusted to fit their operational schedule. This interval may or may not be recommended by the manufacturer.

A hard time component is a component that requires a specific action at a specific interval (overhaul, refurbishment, bench check, etc.) per the manufacturers recommendations.

On-Condition (OC) is a preventive primary maintenance process that requires a system, component, or appliance be inspected periodically or checked against some appropriate physical standard to determine if it can continue in service. The standard ensures that the unit is removed from service before failure during normal operation. These standards may be adjusted based on operating experience or tests, as appropriate, IAW a carrier's approved reliability program or maintenance manual.

Condition Monitoring (CM) is a process for systems, components, or appliances that have neither HT nor OC maintenance as their primary maintenance process. It is accomplished by appropriate means available to an operator for finding and solving problem areas. The user must control the reliability of systems or equipment based on knowledge gained by analysis of failures or other indications of deterioration.

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