Sign off

by Tim Phillips

If a crewmember complies with a nav database update, then signs the work off while the aircraft is located off site, can an A&P mechanic sign off the inspection block on the discrepancey form if they were not present while the work was being performed?

ANSWER: If the navigation database update is not a maintenance function and the crewmember is authorized to make that update using approved procedures, then the A & P mechanic wouldn’t need to make an entry in the inspection block of the discrepancy form.

If the navagation database update is a maintenance function requiring a maintenance entry by an A&P mechanic, then the crewmember shouldn’t have made the update.

An A&P mechanic should never sign off something they didn’t perform or supervise. However, an A&P mechanic could verify that the updated database was installed and sign a statement to that effect on a maintenance document.

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