Re-issuance of FAA Form 8130-3

by Scott
(Sarasota, Fl)

When an 8130-3 is reissued, does the form tracking number remain the same as the original 8130-3 or is it given a new tracking number?

ANSWER: In accordance with FAA Order 8130.2G, paragraph 2-10 there are two reasons for the re-issuance of the FAA Form 8130-3:

1) Reissuance by a production approval holder for returned products and articles; or

2) Reissuance because of typographical errors on the original.

If being reissued for the reason specified in item 1, then a new tracking number is used because the new 8130-3 is being reissued to indicate that the article still meets its type design and is still in a condition for safe operation.

If being reissued for the reason specified in item 2, then the same tracking number is used because all information would remain the same except for the correction made.

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