Re-certification of non-tracked life limited parts

by Gene A. Solano
(Wuhan, China)

How do I re-certify non-tracked life limited parts based on FAA procedures?

ANSWER: FAR 43.10 addresses the disposition of life limited parts. Some parts on some aircraft have been identified as life limited parts after the aircraft was manufactured, or they were installed before being properly identified.

Example: Landing gear components, engine components and engine mounts on transport category aircraft.

These items now need to be marked and a record made to track their life. This is being accomplished through service letters and service bulletins issued by the manufacturer. Those documents provide detailed instructions on how to bring the parts into compliance with the FAA requirements.

If you are presented with a part and you cannot determine the life status, it cannot be installed on the aircraft.

If the status of a life limited part installed on an aircraft cannot be determined, it must be removed.


AC 43-9C - Maintenance records

FAR 45.16 - Marking of life-limited parts

FAR 91.417(a)(2)(ii) - Maintenance records

AC 20-62D - Eligibility, Quality, and Identification of Aeronautical Replacement Parts

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