Recertification of an Aircraft

by Chris

An aircraft has been parked for a long time (several years) and so the C of A is invalid now. The aircraft is still showing in the FAA register.

What is required to re-certificate this aircraft for operation?

ANSWER: Based on your description it would take some further investigation to determine if it would be feasable or not.

Below is a short list of items that come to mind:

1. What is known of the operational history of this airplane? Where are the aircraft records?

2. What is the extent of damage from being neglected for several years? Corrosion damage to be a prime concern.

3. A complete detailed inspection would be necessary and should be fully documented, prior to applying for a certificate of airworthiness.

The FAA has published an ebook called Plane Sense. It’s free and contains some really good information for those who want to buy an airplane. You can download a copy by clicking here.

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