Purchase and Completion of a Home-built Aircraft

by Dan
(Mission, TX USA)

I am buying a home-built aircraft that is partially completed. Can I complete all of the remainder of the work and then get it certified as experimental when ready to fly? Are there FAA steps to this process or just finish it and have it signed off?

ANSWER: Yes, you can purchase a partially built aircraft and complete it yourself and apply for an experimental amateur built airworthiness certificate.

Just a couple of things to note: 1) Make sure the aircraft qualifies (51% rule) as an amateur built aircraft, and 2) that you receive construction records to include build photographs from the seller. With these records, you can continue on with the build documentation to show the FAA at the final inspection.

Good build records makes it easier for the FAA to make an airworthiness determination.

For further guidance, refer to our experimental amateur built aircraft section of this site experimental-amateur-built aircraft

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