Non U.S. Resident Aircraft Registration

by Klaus

I am a German and the president of a Florida corporation. I am currently a student pilot training in the U.S. at a flight school. When I finish my training, I want to buy a single engine aircraft for private and vacation purpose only. I will fly this aircraft only in the U.S.

Can I register this aircraft in the name of my Florida corporation?

ANSWER: The following persons are the only ones that qualify to register an aircraft in the U.S.

1. A U.S. citizen, which can be an individual or a corporation. If a corporation, the president and two thirds of the board of directors must be U.S. citizens and 75% of the voting interest must be owned or controlled by U.S. citizens;

2. A resident alien;

3. A non-citizen corporation lawfully organized and doing business under the laws of the U.S. as long as the aircraft is used primarily in the U.S. (60% of all flights must start and end in the U.S.); or

4. A U.S. Government unit or subdivision

Based on item 1 above, I would say no you cannot register the aircraft in the U.S.

However, you might want to consider setting up a U.S. trustee arrangement. The U.S. trustee would be the registered owner of the aircraft and you would be the operator.

You can search the internet for companies who can make these arrangements for you.

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