Large Aircraft Ferry Flghts

A special flight permit may be issued for large aircraft ferry flights provided that, prior to issuance, the applicant selects, identifies in the aircraft maintenance records, and uses one of the maintenance programs specified in FAR 91.409(f).

If the program selected contains provisions addressing situation-specific inspection of the aircraft, then those provisions may be used to ensure safe operation of the aircraft.

If the program selected does not contain those provisions, the FAA/DAR will specify the appropriate inspections and/or tests required to ensure safe operation.

In some cases the applicant may not intend to place the aircraft in service following the flight authorized by the special flight permit.

In this case the applicant may wish to select, identify, and use the program specified in FAR 91.409(f)(4). Unless provisions for additional flights are provided for in the FAA-approved program, no additional flights are permitted.

The scope and detail of the inspections and/or tests required to ensure safe operation may vary considerably depending on why the permit is issued and/or the conditions or circumstances surrounding the subject aircraft.

In-service aircraft that have been routinely maintained and/or inspected under an approved inspection program may not require more than the normal inspections routinely required.

Aircraft that have been damaged or have been out of service for an extended period of time may require additional inspections or tests to ensure safety.

Aircraft that have been damaged may require engineering evaluations or special tests to determine airworthiness.

In the case of aircraft that have been out of service, the way the aircraft was stored should be evaluated.

In many cases, aircraft in storage have been routinely maintained and inspected, and have had preventive maintenance performed at regular intervals. These aircraft normally would require less attention before any anticipated flight.

However, any aircraft that has been in storage for an extended period of time requires, at the very least, an extensive visual inspection by a properly certificated mechanic, an inspection of the fuel storage and delivery systems for contamination, and operational checks of all systems and equipment that may be required to function on the intended flight.

When the flight characteristics of the aircraft have not been appreciably altered, persons other than flight crew members and/or persons essential to the operation of the aircraft may be carried aboard during the large aircraft ferry flight operations authorized by a special flight permit. In those cases, the passenger-carrying requirements of FAR 91 will apply.

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