Import of Used Aircraft Engines to Canada

by Neil Arnold
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

I am planning on bidding on a used Lycoming 0320 E2D engine and propeller in an insurance salvage sale in the US. The insurance company has the original engine log but no prop log.

Do I need any FAA approvals to export the engine to Canada?

I am planning to ship it to a Canadian engine overhaul facility to have it inspected and tested prior to installation in my aircraft. I am a Canadian private pilot and the aircraft the engine will go into is on the Canadian registry.

ANSWER: The FAA publishes an Advisory Circular (AC) 21-2. Appendix 2 of this AC outlines special import requirements of various countries. You can download those requirements by clicking here.

The following information was taken from Appendix 2 of AC 21-2 for Canada:

An engine is eligible for import into Canada where it can be shown and TCCA is satisfied that the product conforms to the Canadian approved type design and is in a condition for safe operation.

The preferred method of showing conformity is by means of an Export Certificate of Airworthiness, which must be properly certified by the FAA and shall include the following information:

(1) a certification of conformity to the type design specified in the Canadian Type Certificate;

(2) a list of any major modifications and major repairs approved by the FAA and embodied in the product; and

(3) a list of all applicable airworthiness directives or equivalent mandatory notices, issued by the FAA, indicating which have been complied with.

Where a product is imported without an Export Certificate of Airworthiness, or other acceptable document, the product will not be eligible for use in Canada until conformity to the approved type design is established pursuant to Chapter 507 of the Airworthiness Manual.

Based on the above information, it looks like you could import the engine into Canada without a U.S. Export certification if you meet the conformity requirements outlined the TCCA's Airworthiness Manual. You should contact the TCCA to obtain a copy of this manual, or ask your Canadian engine overhaul company to assist you.

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