Fast Build Kits- Experimental Aircraft

by M. Q.
(Reno, Nevada)

I am considering the option of building a Velocity Aircraft. The manufacturers offer fast-build kits.

I would like to purchase all of the fast build options which include Fuselage, Wings and Canard

If I assemble these fast-kits together, could this possibly add up to the 51% build FAA requirement for experimental aircraft?

I understand that I cannot contract out the rest of the build until I have met this 51% build requirement.

ANSWER: A determination if the builder meets the major portion requirement is made by evaluating the amount of work accomplished by the amateur builder(s) against the total amount of work necessary to complete the aircraft, excluding standard procured items.

You should contact your local FAA Flight Standards District office to discuss your plans prior to purchasing a plane using fast build kits. The Amateur-Built Aircraft Kit Updated Listing published by the FAA lists those kits that were evaluated by the FAA and meet the major portion rule. That list shows the Velocity XL RG “Fastbuild” as meeting the requirement.

The major portion of the aircraft is defined as more than 50 percent of the fabrication and assembly tasks, commonly referred to as the “51-percent rule.” For example, an amateur-built kit found on the FAA List of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits has 40 percent of the fabrication/assembly completed by the kit manufacturer.

In order to be eligible for an experimental amateur-built airworthiness certificate and per the major portion rule, the fabrication and assembly tasks that may be contracted out (for hire) to another individual (or builder/commercial assistance center) needs to be less than 10 percent.

For more information click on the link to download a copy of AC 20-27G

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