FAR 91.411(b)(3)

by Howard
(Kirkuk, Iraq)

Is it legal for an A&P, with a calibrated pitot/static test box, and no repair station certificate, to sign off the altimeter portion of the 91.411 IFR certification if she/he is not associated with a repair station?

Or are they limited to replacing the altimeter every two years with a certified unit if unable to get the aircraft and mounted altimeter to a qualified orginization?

It appears, from reading FAR 91.411(b)(3), that the A&P cannot recertify the altimeter portion of the FAR but the "static pressure system tests and inspections only." unless she/he works for an orginization that has that capability.

Can you clarify for me?

ANSWER: Your comments are correct. An A & P Mechanic can only perform the static pressure system test. The actual altimeter certfication must be performed by a repair station who has the capability and test equipment to perform the task.

No and A & P cannot certify compliance with FAR 91.411

Yes a legal option would be to exchange the altimeter for a certified one every two years. Of course the integrity of the system would have to be verified by a leak checked after installation.

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