FAR 47-69 - Limitations.

A Dealer's Aircraft Registration Certificate, AC Form 8050–6 is valid only in connection with use of aircraft—

(a) By the owner of the aircraft to whom it was issued, his agent or employee, or a prospective buyer, and in the case of a dealer other than a manufacturer, only after he has complied with §47.67;

(b) Within the United States, except when used to deliver to a foreign purchaser an aircraft displaying a temporary registration number and carrying an airworthiness certificate on which that number is written;

(c) While a certificate is carried within the aircraft; and

(d) On a flight that is—

(1) For required flight testing of aircraft; or

(2) Necessary for, or incident to, sale of the aircraft.However, a prospective buyer may operate an aircraft for demonstration purposes only while he is under the direct supervision of the holder of the Dealer's Aircraft Registration Certificate or his agent.

[Doc. No. 7190 31 FR 4495, Mar. 17, 1966; 31 FR 5483, Apr. 7, 1966, as amended by Amdt. 47–4, 32 FR 12556, Aug. 30, 1967; Amdt. 47–29, 75 FR 41983, July 20, 2010]

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