FAR Part 43 - Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding and Alterations

43.1 - Applicability
43.2 - Records of overhaul and rebuilding
43.3 - Persons authorized to perform maintenance
43.5 - Approval for return to service after maintenance
43.7 - Persons authorized to approve aircraft for return to service
43.9 - Content, form, and disposition of maintenance records
43.10 - Disposition of life-limited aircraft parts
43.11 - Content, form, and disposition of records for inspections
43.12 - Maintenance records: Falsification, reproduction, or alteration
43.13 - Performance rules (general)
43.15 - Additional performance rules for inspections
43.16 - Airworthiness limitations
43.17 - Maintenance performed by certain Canadian persons

Appendix A to Part 43 - Major Alterations, Major Repairs, and Preventive Maintenance

Appendix B to Part 43 - Recording of Major Repairs and Major Alterations

Appendix C to Part 43 [Reserved]

Appendix D to Part 43 - Scope and Detail of Items (as Applicable to the Particular Aircraft) To Be Included in Annual and 100-Hour Inspections

Appendix E to Part 43—Altimeter System Test and Inspection

Appendix F to Part 43—ATC Transponder Tests and Inspections

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