FAR 43 Appendix D

by Eric Tucker

Why is there not a requirement to check for AD compliance on the list in FAR 43 Appendix D? This is required in the FARs, however should this not be listed to reduce confusion?

ANSWER: FAR 43 Appendix D only refers to the areas of the aircraft that must be inspected during a 100 hour or annual inspection.

I do agree with you that a statement about checking the FAA AD biweekly's and comparing that against the aircraft records for compliance would be a good thing to put in there.

I guess the FAA felt that airworthiness directives and the need to comply with them was adequately addressed in other FAR sections. Namely FAR 39.

Also, when performing any maintenance on an aircraft, a person is required to be familiar with the FAR's that govern that activity.

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