Fabrication of Aircraft Parts

by Uttam

Can an aircraft maintenance technician fabricate passenger windows for a Beech 1900D, using MIL5425 acrylic sheet?

ANSWER: No. Even if MIL5425 acrylic sheet is the same material used to fabricate the original windows, a maintenance technician could not fabricate those windows. The Beech 1900 is a pressurized aircraft, so the passenger windows would be considered a category 1 part.

I don’t know who manufactures the windows for the Beech 1900, but they would have a manufacturing approval of some type.

Another person could not fabricate a replacement part unless they went through the process of securing a manufacturing approval from the FAA.

Reference AC 43-18 “Fabrication of Aircraft Parts by Maintenance Personnel” for further guidance.

You can download a copy of that advisory circular by clicking here

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