FAA Repair Station Functions

by Roger

What functions may be performed by an FAA certified repair station?

ANSWER: An FAA repair station can perform the functions (tasks) necessary to inspect, repair, replace, or overhaul those aviation articles that they have been given an authorization (rating) for. The FAA lists and approves ratings on a form called operations specifications.

FAR 145 is the rule that governs repair station activities. FAR 145.59 lists the ratings that can be issued to a repair station. The repair station would have to apply for and prove that they have the necessary housing, facilities, equipment, materials, and data to perform the functions (tasks) required for each rating.

Following are the ratings that can be applied for:

Airframe ratings

Class 1 – Composite small aircraft
Class 2 – Composite large aircraft
Class 3 – All metal small aircraft
Class 4 – All metal large aircraft

Powerplant ratings

Class 1 – Reciprocating engines of 400 horsepower or less
Class 2 – Reciprocating engines of more than 400 horsepower
Class 3 – Turbine engines

Propeller ratings

Class 1 – Fixed-pitch and ground adjustable propellers
Class 2 – Other propellers by make

Radio ratings

Class 1 – Communications equipment
Class 2 – Navigational equipment
Class 3 – Radar Equipment

Instrument ratings

Class 1 – Mechanical instruments
Class 2 – Electrical instruments
Class 3 – Gyroscopic instruments
Class 4 – Electronic instruments

Accessory ratings

Class 1 – Mechanical accessory
Class 2 – Electrical accessory
Class 3 – Electronic assessory

Often the FAA will issue a limited rating in one or more of the categories above, limiting the repair station to a specific make and model of article.

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