FAA Kit Evaluations

In 1985 the FAA issued an evaluation that the Swick "T" met the major portion criteria of FAR 21.191(g). FAA Order 8130.18 was referenced. Is this evaluation still applicable today?

ANSWER: As mentioned in the FAA LISTING OF AMATEUR-BUILT AIRCRAFT KITS "The listing is only representative of those kits where the kit manufacturer or distributor requested an evaluation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for eligibility and should not be construed as meaning the kit(s) are FAA “certified,” “certificated,” or “approved.”

It goes on further to say "The placement of an aircraft kit on this list is not a prerequisite for airworthiness certification."

So, having a document that states the kit met the major portion requirements (51% rule) at that time is a good thing.

You still might want to send a copy of that document to the following address for their comments before beginning the project:

Federal Aviation Administration
Amateur-Built Kit List Manager,
Airworthiness Certification Branch, AIR-230
950 L'Enfant Plaza, SW
5th Floor, Suite #500
Washington D.C. 20024

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