FAA Forms 8110-3 and 8130-3

by Avnish

Can you tell me the difference between FAA Forms 8110-3 and 8130-3?

ANSWER: Even though the numbers are similar, they have distinctly different uses.

FAA Form 8110-3 is titled "STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE WITH THE FEDERAL AVIATION REGULATIONS" and is used to approved or recommend for approval the data used in making alterations or repairs to aviation products or articles. Only FAA designees are allowed to issue this form.

FAA Form 8130-3 is titled "AUTHORIZED RELEASE CERTIFICATE / AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL TAG" and can be used to approve an article for return to service after repair, overhaul, or inspection. It can also be used for the purpose of exporting engines, propellers or other aviation articles.

As an authorized release certificate, this form can be issued by FAR 145 repair stations, FAR 121 or 135 air carriers, or FAR 21 production approval holders.

As an airworthiness approval for export, this form is issued by the FAA or an FAA Designee.

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