FAA Form 8130-3 for a Windshield


Is it necessary to get a FAA Form 8130-3 for a windshield?

ANSWER: Reference Advisory Circular (AC) 20-62D. You can download a copy of this document in the Advisory Circuar section of this website.

For U.S. registered aircraft, acceptable replacement parts should be identified using one of the following methods:

- A manufacturer’s shipping invoice containing a certification of compliance statement for new parts;

- A maintenance release document signed by an appropriately certificated person, qualified for the relevant function that signifies that the item has been returned to service, after a maintenance or test function has been completed.

This type of documentation could be in the form of a repair station tag, containing adequate information (section 43.9), work order, FAA Form 337, FAA Form 8130-3, or a maintenance record entry, which must include an appropriate description of the maintenance work performed, including the recording requirements of section 43.9 and Appendix B; or

- EASA Form One (dual release) that includes a statement required by FAR 43.9.

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