FAA Form 8130-3 Certification of Incomplete Part Sets

by Pete

In the situation where a complete set of parts is repaired/overhauled, the part number of the set can go in the Part Number field (Block 8), and in most cases the S/N of the identifying part or of the set is what goes in Block 11. However, what happens in the case of an incomplete set?

For instance, if 11 of 14 fuel nozzles (with various P/N) are overhauled and serviceable and are joined with three other nozzles to complete the set (which have their own cert(s)), are the 11 fuel nozzles:

A) Certed with "Various" in Block 8 & Block 11, with Block 13 detailing each of the P/N & S/N. Block 10 (Quantity) would state "11".

B) Certed with "See Block 13" in Block 8 & Block 11, with Block 13 detailing each of the P/N & S/N. Block 10 (Quantity) would state "11".

C) Certed with the set's P/N in Block 8, the identifying (8th position) fuel nozzle's S/N in Block 11, and the quantity as "1" in Block 10, with Block 13 still detailing each of the P/N & S/N. Note that this is an incomplete set at this point.

D) Some other option I'm not thinking of.

Of course, whatever this cert says it is to be filed with the other 3 nozzles' cert(s).

Any help with this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

ANSWER: The way I understand the instructions provided in FAA Order 8130-21G, Section 3-5, you should have a separate 8130 for each part number of nozzle. If there is more than one nozzle with the same part number, then one part number is shown in Block 8 and each serial number is listed in Block 11 or if there are too many, a reference to a list of serial numbers (which could be in Block 13 or an attachment).

If a part number has been issued to a part, then you should list that part number not the next higher assembly part number. Especially if it is not a complete assembly.

If a serial number is required by FAR 45, then that serial must be listed.

You cannot use the word “various” in Block 8 or 11.

You can download a copy of FAA Order 8130-21G “Procedures for Completion and Use of the Authorized Release Certificate, FAA Form 8130-3, Airworthiness Approval Tag” by clicking here

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