FAA Form 8130 for Salvaged Parts

by David
(Phoenix, AZ)

Is it required to have an FAA 8130 Form prior to installing a salvaged serviceable part, provided the acft it was removed from is identifiable and the part has not incured any stress or damage?

ANSWER: Reference Advisory Circular (AC) 20-62D. You can download a copy of this document in the Advisory Circuar section of this website.

You need to prove the part is eligible and acceptable for installation on the aircraft.

For U.S. registered aircraft, acceptable replacement parts should be identified using one of the following methods:

- A manufacturer’s shipping invoice containing a certification of compliance statement for new parts.

- A maintenance release document signed by an appropriately certificated person, qualified for the relevant function that signifies that the item has been returned to service, after a maintenance or test function has been completed.

This type of documentation could be in the form of a repair station tag, containing adequate information (FAR 43.9), work order, FAA Form 337, FAA Form 8130-3, or a maintenance record entry, which must include an appropriate description of the maintenance work performed, including the recording requirements of section 43.9 and Appendix B.

- EASA Form One (dual release) that includes a statement required by FAR 43.9

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