Instructions for the Completion of
FAA Form 8130-1

The applicant must complete part I of the application FAA Form 8130-1 for aircraft. Part II of the form is no longer used. Part III is for FAA use only. All items are self-explanatory except as noted.

Export Certificate No. This block is left blank by the applicant. The FAA Designee must enter the serial number from Form 8050-72.

FAA Form 8130-1, Part I (For Aircraft).

Item Nos. 1-4. Self-explanatory.

Item No. 5. Description of Product(s). Self-explanatory, except as follows:

(a) For an aircraft not under U.S. registry, insert in the Identification No. block the nationality and registration marks supplied by the country of registry or intended registry that are displayed on the aircraft. For U.S.-registered aircraft, insert the ID marks as assigned under FAR 47. Any questions concerning the marking requirements of the importing country must be resolved between the exporter/importer and the CAA of that country.

(b) Under FAA Spec. No., enter the pertinent specification number or the TCDS number, as applicable.

(c) For new and used aircraft, enter in the Operating Time (Hours) block the number of operating hours since the annual type inspection required by FAR 21.329, and the total time-in-service. Because aircraft engines and propellers must have been newly overhauled under FAR 21.329(e), the operating time since overhaul would reflect only run-in time as required to complete the overhaul process.

(d) For aircraft, the blocks for engine(s) and propeller(s) must be completed to reflect the required information, as applicable.

Item Nos. 6 and 7. These items are self-explanatory; however, if the No box is checked, explain the deviations in item No. 10 and attach the original or true copy of documents stating that the product will be acceptable with the deviations listed, as received from the CAA of the importing country.

Item No. 8. This item provides a means of establishing the date the ownership of the stated Class I product is expected to pass to the purchaser.

Item No. 9. This item provides a means of documenting the preservation and packaging methods used to protect against corrosion and damage. It is recommended that all products be appropriately treated for corrosion and damage prevention.

Item No. 10. This space may be used to convey the information required under item Nos. 6 and 7. This space also may be used by the exporter to convey any other information pertinent to the issuance of the export airworthiness approval. Additional sheets may be attached, as necessary, and appropriately cross-referenced. In addition, list the documents that the regulation requires to be submitted with the application under the provisions of FAR 21.327. After review by the FAA, the documents required to be furnished to the importing country under § 21.335 will be supplied to the applicant.

Item No. 11. The authorized representative of the exporter must date and sign this certification in ink above the typed or printed name and title.

FAA Form 8130-1, Part II (No longer used).

FAA Form 8130-1, Part III. Approval (For FAA Use Only).

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