Finding a FAA DER

For your convenience, we will be adding names and contact information of FAA DER's that we know and can recommend to you.

DER's are sometimes very busy, so if they are not available to assist you we have also included a link to download the FAA's Worldwide DER Directory.

This directory lists DER's by geographic location and includes the functions they are authorized to perform.

Download the latest DER Directory here - Just right click on this link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" and select where you would like to save the file

FAA DER Engineering Designations

FAA DER's are assigned a designation based on their area of expertise. When looking for a DER, it is important to know what what type of DER you will need so you contact the right one. Click on the link below to see each type of DER and what they are allowed to do.

Click here for FAA DER Engineering Designations

FAA DER Categories

There are two categories of FAA DER's. A Company DER and a Consultant DER.

Company DER

An individual may be appointed to act as a company DER for the individual’s employer and may approve, or recommend approval to the FAA of, only technical data for the company. They may perform their FAA functions at different administrative levels, as agreed upon between the FAA and the company.

In some cases, a DER personally may evaluate and approve technical data. In other cases, they may ensure, through the company management system, the proper evaluation of technical data by other persons; then the DER will approve that data by certifying that the data comply with the applicable regulations.

If they are assigned to work in a consortium, business arrangement (such as using other companies’ DERs), partnership, licensing agreement, etc., the company should request in writing to expand the existing delegation.

If the expansion of the DER company delegation involves the geographic area of responsibility of two different ACOs, the two ACOs will determine which office will manage the expanded delegation.

Consultant DER

An individual may be appointed to act as an independent (self-employed) consultant DER to approve, or recommend approval of technical data to the FAA for a client.

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