FAA approval for an aircraft manufacured in China

by Mario
(United States)

How do I get FAA approval for an aircraft manufactured in China? The aircraft has been designed and built following FAR part 25.

ANSWER: This could be a lengthy process as you will need to apply for a type certificate or have the Chinese type certificate validated in the United States. You mentioned that the aircraft was designed and built to the standards of FAR Part 25 which means it is an aircraft with a empty weight exceeding 12,500 pounds.

I suggest you pose your question (with the aircraft details) to the:

FAA Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office, One Crown Center, 1895 Phoenix Blvd, Suite 225, Atlanta, GA 30349, PH (770) 703-6035 or FAX (770) 703-6097; or

FAA Seattle Aircraft Certification Office, 1601 Lind Avenue SW, Renton, WA 98055-4056, PH (425)917-6400 or FAX (425) 917-6590

Can I approach a special consultant company able to get this approval to sell it to the US market?

ANSWER: This would probably be your best option as it might be faster for you. In fact the FAA may have some suggestions as to who you can contact.

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