FAA 8130-3 Certificate

by Delphine BACQ

I Have 2 questions concerning the certificate FAA Form 8130-3.

1- In the frame of 8130-3 paper forms (not electronic forms), is it allowed to send either the original or a copy of the 8130-3 paper form with the part, or is it mandatory to send the original signed certificate (paper form)?

ANSWER: You must send the original FAA Form 8130-3 with an article that is being returned to service, or a new article (unless it is a split shipment.) Refer to the following excerpt from:

FAA Order 8130.21G, Chapter 3, Paragraph 3.1 (h)

“The copies of FAA Form 8130-3 may be retained in their original paper format or in a secure database, provided the database contains all the information required on FAA Form 8130- 3, complies with AC 120-78 (when applicable), and is available for FAA review upon request.

When FAA Form 8130-3 is issued for approval for return to service in accordance with this chapter, a copy of the original FAA Form 8130-3 that accompanied each shipment, or product or article must comply with the recordkeeping requirements of 14 CFR parts 43, 91, 121, 135, and 145. These forms must be retained by the facility where FAA Form 8130-3 is issued.

Duplicates of FAA Form 8130-3, including signatures retained in a database, do not need to be graphic images of the original documents. However, when a supplemental FAA Form 8130-3 is issued as described by this order, traceability back through a system that ensures that the products and articles were received with their original FAA Form 8130-3 must be possible."

2- Is there a mandatory statement or comment to be written on the 8130-3 paper form when signed with an electronic signature?

ANSWER: By FAA definition, an electronic signature is an exact copy of a handwritten signature that is securely produced by electronic means.

If you are authorized to issue FAA Form 8130-3's, to use an electronic signature you should have procedures in place that have been reviewed and accepted by the FAA. Those procedures should outline whether or not you put a statement on the form.

You can download a copy of FAA Order 8130.21G by clicking here.

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