Export C of A

by Craig
(United States)

I have a C-172 that has a standard airworthiness certificate. I want to export this aircraft and in preparation for shipping in a container I want to pull the wings, I have been told I cannot pull anything until I have the FAA Form 8130-4 Export C of A. FAR 21.329 (a) states that Aircraft that are exported disassembled are considered to be complete aircraft. I believe 21.329 (b) does not apply here.

Where can I find the section that says I cannot do this, or is this just a personal opinion from one person?

Inspecting attach points with their hardware removed is by far a better inspection, these parts cannot be seen during a normal inspection.

ANSWER: The reference you made to a complete aircraft can be found in FAA Order 8130.2F, page 238, paragraph 221(a) which says: “An Export C of A may be issued only for COMPLETE aircraft shown by the applicant to meet the applicable requirements specified under § 21.329. Aircraft that are exported disassembled are considered complete aircraft.”

Note: The new FAR 21.329 (effective April 2010) removed the requirement for a recent annual inspection, however it now says the aircraft must meet the requirements for a standard airworthiness certificate before an export certificate can be issued. So the aircraft must have had an annual inspection within the preceding 12 months, have no deferred maintenance and be in a condition for safe operation.

It would be best to make a statement in the logbook before disassembly. Something similar to this:

“The aircraft is being disassembled for export. An annual inspection was peformed on this date ___________ and there are no deferred maintenance items. This aircraft is considered to be in an airworthy condtion”

A certificated airframe mechanic must disassemble the aircraft and make an entry in the logbook for that maintenance.

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