I am purchasing an aircraft in the U.S. Is it mandatory that I get an EXPORT C.OF A. before I fly it to Belize?

ANSWER: It is not mandatory. You can position an aircraft to another country under U.S. registration without possessing an Export C of A. This is assuming the aircraft is eligible for the flight (i.e., proper certifications, authorizations and/or permits, crew qualifications, etc.)

Prior to the issuance of the C of A in Belize, the Belize authorities may require the U.S. Export C of A.

The reason I say "may" is because there are no special import requirements agreed upon between the U.S. and Belize at the moment. So, it will depend on them if you require an Export C of A from the U.S. prior their airworthiness certification.

I can tell you that it is normal protocol to require the export document.

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