Export Airworthiness Approvals for
Engines, Propellers, and Articles

Certification Procedures

The requirements for export airworthiness approvals for engines, propellers, and other avaition articles can be found in FAR Part 21.331 .

A person may obtain an export approval to export a new or used aircraft engine, propeller, or article that has been manufactured under an FAA production approval if it conforms to its approved design and is in a condition for safe operation.

A new or used aircraft engine, propeller, or article need not meet the requirement above if -

1) The importing country or jurisdiction accepts, in a form and manner acceptable to the FAA, a deviation from that requirement; and

2) The export approval lists as an exception any difference between the aircraft engine, propeller, or article to be exported and its approved design.

A written application is not required for the export of engines, propellers, or articles. Contact a Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) to make an appointment for an inspection of the product. He will physically inspect the product and review the overhaul records and release to service for used products, or the manufacturing data and certificate of conformance for new products.

Export approvals for engines, propellers, and articles are documented by the issuance of an Authorized Release Certificate, FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag. Procedures for completion and use of Form 8130-3 can be found in FAA Order 8130.21E.

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