Engine Removal and Recertification

by Mark Hopkins

As an A&P Can i remove and certify an engine from a transport catagory aircraft and refit it to another aircraft at the same location assuming correct effectivity etc?

ANSWER: As an A&P mechanic you have certain privelages and limitations. Reference the excerpts from FAR Part 65 below. Provided you meet the requirements of FAR 65.81, YES you can remove an engine and install an engine on any size aircraft.

HOWEVER, you must first determine the engines eligibility and serviceability prior to installation on an aircraft. Thorough inspections both external (visually) and internal (by boroscope), as well as testing (power assurance runs, etc.) would be part of determining an engine’s serviceability.

A complete records review would also be necessary to determine that the engine was maintained properly, all life limted parts are within limits, and all applicable airworhiness directives have been complied with.

The inspection and tests to determine serviceability would have to be documented. This is typically done using an FAA Form 8130-3, but only a repair station or air carrier can issue this form.

Note: The rules do not require the use of this form to docment the inspections and tests, but it is recognized as an industry standard format.

FAR 65.81 General privileges and limitations.

(a) A certificated mechanic may perform or supervise the maintenance, preventive maintenance or alteration of an aircraft or appliance, or a part thereof, for which he is rated (but excluding major repairs to, and major alterations of, propellers, and any repair to, or alteration of, instruments), and may perform additional duties in accordance with FAR’s 65.85, 65.87, and 65.95. However, he may not supervise the maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alteration of, or approve and return to service, any aircraft or appliance, or part thereof, for which he is rated unless he has satisfactorily performed the work concerned at an earlier date. If he has not so performed that work at an earlier date, he may show his ability to do it by performing it to the satisfaction of the Administrator or under the direct supervision of a certificated and appropriately rated mechanic, or a certificated repairman, who has had previous experience in the specific operation concerned.

(b) A certificated mechanic may not exercise the privileges of his certificate and rating unless he understands the current instructions of the manufacturer, and the maintenance manuals, for the specific operation concerned.

FAA Advisory Circular AC 20-62D - Eligibility, Quality, and Indentifcation of Aeronautical Replacement Parts provides information and guidance in determining the quality, eligibility and traceability of aeronautical parts and materials intended for installation on U.S. type-certificated products and to enable compliance with the applicable regulations.

You can click on this link to download a copy of AC 20-62D.

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