EASA Parts on FAA Registered Aircraft

by Pete
(United Kingdom)

Is it possible for a set of main rotor blades to be removed mid life from an EASA registered helicopter and recertified for fitment onto an FAA registered helicopter, if so what do I need to do?

ANSWER: Yes. First you would have to find an FAA certificated repair station that is rated to inspect or overhaul those types of main rotor blades. That facility could also be an EASA 145 facility. They would have to inspect the blades in accordance with the manufacturers requirements for test and inspection. Once completed, they could issue an FAA Form 8130-3, or a dual release EASA Form One.

A dual release EASA Form One includes a statement on the form that meets the requirements of FAR 43.9.

With one of these two documents in hand, the blades could be installed on a FAA registered helicopter.

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