EASA Modifications

by Neil Jones

Does the FAA accept EASA approved modifications on an imported aircraft?

ANSWER: The Bilateral Agreement between the United States and the European Community signed on June 30, 2008, has not entered into force yet. So, the provisions of the current bilateral agreement signed on April 2007 remains in effect.

FAA Order 8130.2F states that under certain BASA Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness (IPA) and/or accompanying special arrangements (for example, with Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada), the FAA has determined that the aviation authority may approve design data associated with major alterations, modifications, or repairs that do not rise to the level of an amended TC or STC on certain categories of aircraft for which either country is the State of Design.

When these data are approved directly by the authority, or by a delegated individual or organization, they would then be subsequently recognized as FAA-approved data under the
bilateral provisions.

For example, if I have a modification that has an EASA Design Organization Approval (DOA) and it is not an STC, I can accept that for the purpose of U.S. airworthiness certification (Import)

You can find the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements and Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness by clicking here.

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