Differences Between MRB & MPD

by Mohammad
(Tehran, Iran)

What are the differences between the Maintenance Review Board (MRB) and Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) and which one should be used as a basis for an operator's maintenance program?

ANSWER: When a new aircraft is being designed and produced, the aviation authority, the manufacturer, and selected industry participants form groups called maintenance steering groups (MSG) and industry steering committees (ISC).

These groups, through numerous meetings determine the frequency and scope of aircraft inspections to be peformed. This information is provided to another group called the maintenance review board (MRB). The MRB will issue their final recommendations to the manufacturer on how an aircraft should be maintained.

The manufacturer then publishes this information in maintenance planning documents (MPD) to be provided to the customer.

For small private aircraft the aircraft owner usually follows the inspections and maintenance practices published by the manufacturer.

For airline or commercial operators, the recommendations of the MRB and subsequent MPD are used to develop a Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP), which is then approved by the FAA.

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