Compass Calibration Card

by C Clarkson
(Talladega, Al)

1) What is the requirement for a compass calibration card?
2) Is it signed, and if so by who?
3) Is it recorded in the airframe logbook?

ANSWERS: 1) A compass calibration card, or placard as it is referred to in the FAR’s, is required by FAR 23.1547 for small aircraft and FAR 25.1547 for large aircraft. Refer to AC 43.13-1B, Section 3 for calibration procedures.

You can find a link to download a copy of AC 43.13-1B Section 3 in a previously asked question titled “Compass Swing Requirements” found on the submit a question page of this website.

2) I am not aware of a requirement to sign the compass calibration card.

3) A compass calibration is a maintenance action and would require an entry in the maintenance records for the aircraft.

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